NBA Experience to Open August 12th at Disney Springs

Concept Art of NBA Experience at Disney Springs

Disney has officially given us an opening date for the NBA experience coming to Disney Springs. It will officially open August 12th in the former home of Disney Quest.

In this attraction guests will have a chance to feel what the life of a basketball player feels like. You will be able to go into the locker room and step on to the NBA court and shoot some hoops as well. One really cool moment guests will get to enjoy is the NBA Draft. You will get the chance to step on to the stage and have the NBA Commissioner Adam Silver introduce you to the crowd and you even get a fantastic photo opportunity.

Some other interactive elements of this attraction include being able to practice your dribbling through a set of skills challenges, learn about the history of the NBA’s most storied franchises, Play a Trivia game assessing your knowledge of the history of the NBA, Play interactive basketball games, Immersive yourself in 180 degree screens that showcase in arena moments of NBA games, and much more!

Comment below what do you think of the NBA Experience and are you excited to go check it out for yourself?

Magic Mountain has confirmed Green Lantern’s Removal

Screamscape last night posted an article that Six Flags Magic Mountain has confirmed Green Lantern’s eventual removal from the park. A guest is suing the park claiming that the coaster injured her. The park has stated that the ride will be removed for future expansion in the near future.

Comment below what type of coaster should replace this ride? Should Tidal Twister go with it?

Pop Up Disney! A Mickey and Minnie Celebration Opens April 26th in Downtown Disney

Pop Up Disney Concept Art

A brand new interactive experience is coming to the Disneyland Resort next month and tickets are on sale now! Pop Up Disney! A Mickey Celebration is an interactive museum featuring all things Mickey and Minnie and will be in Downtown Disney (DTD) for a limited time starting April 26th!

The tickets will be $30 and include five hours of free parking which is extremely nice of Disney. The five hours of free parking most likely mean it will take no more than five hours to experience the whole museum. The museum will feature multiple immersive rooms and Disney encourages you to take selfies in these rooms to post on social media.

Tickets on Sale Now for Pop-Up Disney! A Mickey Celebration, Opening April 26 in the Downtown Disney District at Disneyland Resort
A room in the museum

Disney even gave us a sneak peak of room featuring classic Mickey.

 black and white cartoon world of “Plane Crazy,” where Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse both made their first appearance in 1928.
Classic Mickey will make an appearance

Lastly, there will be a Pop Up! Shop located adjacent to the museum selling all kinds of merchandise for your enjoyment. If you would like to buy tickets for this event you can purchase them here.

Is Green Lantern At Six Flags Magic Mountain Going to be Removed Soon?

Green Lantern at Six Flags Magic Mountain

If you are a season pass holder at Six Flags Magic Mountain, then you know that the Green Lantern Roller Coaster has been down for nearly a year. If this rumor is true, then we may have an explanation as to why that it has been down for so long. The Park President himself a while ago said that the ride is undergoing a significant refurb and will reopen as a brand new smoother experience, but as mentioned by awesome youtubers Park bros and others, the ride has not seen any work being done on it in nearly a year. Below is a screenshotted instagram post that was featured on the latest Park Bros video where the poster states that she got seriously injured on the ride and the it would not return.

Instagram post featured on the Park Bros Youtube Video

As you can see in the post, the poster states that team members at the park told them that the ride would not reopen. It is unclear how true this rumor may be, but it is something certainly worth thinking about as the ride has been not operating for nearly two years at this point.

If the ride is to be removed, I certainly think they should remove Tidal Wave as well and then they would be able to put a decent size coaster in that plot. Now as mentioned Magic Mountain is likely looking to keep their coaster count up as they have constantly been touting West Coast Racers as their “Record Breaking 20th Coaster” so it is unclear when/if Green Lantern will be removed anytime soon.

If this ride is removed what would you guys like to see it replaced with? Feel free to comment below your answers and also please give me a follow as it really helps this blog out!

Walt Disney World Raises Ticket Prices

WDW Resort

Well it is that time of the year again and Walt Disney World (WDW) is raising its ticket prices in anticipation of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. Disneyland had raised its prices in January with a one day peak park hopper ticket costing $199.

WDW’s pricing structure is a bit different and their prices vary as well. WDW has a date based pricing system with varying prices depending on the date. Prices for the cheapest days are $109 dollars. During Thanksgiving week single park tickets for Florida residents will range from $139. During Christmas and New Years week prices for Florida residents range between $139-$159. A park hopper ticket costs $189.

There are a couple of packages for tickets such as the 4 park Magic Select Ticket ($356) and the 4 park Magic Summer Ticket ($380). To upgrade to a park hopper ticket is $60 more than any one day one park ticket and to upgrade to the Park Hopper Plus option is $80 more than any one day one park ticket.

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Captain Marvel’s New Meet and Greet Just Opened at California Adventure

Captain Marvel Meet and Greet picture from

Captain Marvel’s new permanent meet and greet location opened up at Disney California Adventure (DCA) Today and it looks amazing. Until now Captain Marvel has been meeting and greeting guests in a decked out corner near one of the stages in Hollywood Land, but now she has her own permanent spot just like the other Marvel heroes in Hollywood Land.

Captain Marvel’s spot is by far the coolest simply because of the airplane hangar design and the fact that there is a massive fighter jet sticking out of the hangar. This meet and greet certainly beat expectations as some would also say the movie itself beat expectations. Speaking of the movie please watch the video on my review of the movie here:

With Marvel land coming next year expect a lot more meet and greets to be spread out on the West Side of DCA from Marvel Land all the way into the backlot. Over the coming years we can also expect Marvel Land ton slowly but surely take over the Hollywood Backlot area with new shows, rides, and restaurants.

What do you guys think about Captain Marvel’s new meet and greet? Would you like to go meet Captain Marvel herself? What do you guys think of the upcoming Marvel Land Expansion? Comment all your answers below and feel free to follow me on WordPress to get instant notifications on when a new article is published!

Details of the Knott’s Boysenberry Festival

Well it is almost Spring and that means it is time for the annual Boysenberry Festival at Knott’s Berry Farm. This year the festival will feature over 75 unique creations that are made by the culinary team. There will also be specialty desserts and beverages that are only available at the park during this festival.

Image result for knott's berry farm boysenberry festival
Boysenberry Festival Tasting Card

The festival will also include everything from live music, local crafters, musical stage shows, and other activities for the entire family to enjoy. The festival will run from March 29th everyday through April 28th. There will be plenty of new food items including the Boysenberry Dry Rubbed Flank Steak, Jerk Chicken Wings, Chili, BBQ Chicken and more! Knott’s will also offer a tasting card that will cost $35 and will let you have eight items out of a list of fourteen boysenberry inspired dishes. For more info on the festival please visit:

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